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With over 14 years of experience.

Our Approach

We will always try to share our experience to either help develop your main initial vision into an executable strategy or to refine and improve the quality of the already identified web application functionalities.

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We offer Advanced Solutions for the 6 aspects of the Web App Development Cycle: App Design (Architecture), Technology Selection, Application Building, Testing & Stress Testing, Deployment and On-going Maintenance

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The technologies we showcase are specifically tailored to each project. Mixing a range of solutions for your web project

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what we do

What we do

We are proud to offer what we call a "wonderkid service", helping you build your web vision. Aiming to create a long-lasting business relationship, we strive to make a memorable impact on you with the quality of our service.

We master Advanced Web Development. Adding constant value to your web project is simple for us, we just simply do our best, leaving no detail uncovered.

We don't hold anything back, we share every bit of knowledge and experience we have to aid you in achieving your vision. With years of proven methodologies applied to your project, we can make the value of your application increase consistently.

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Why Choose Us

What sets SmartWebCrafts from all the other web development companies around is our unparalleled devotion in giving the right results based on the client’s needs. Whether you want to sell a particular product, promote services through phone calls or emails, or send a quote request, rest assured that each member of our team will WORK TIRELESSLY to produce the kind of results you are looking for anytime! Most of our past clients saw a 150% increase in lead generation after working with us. So why not try us today and see the changes for yourself?
Our company has earned its reputation of being an outstanding Web Development Company for the past 14 years. We create websites to communicate your story to others and enhance your business for the better. And this made possible by a team of highly proficient IT experts who are always ready to help to turn your ideas into reality.
We want to work directly with our clients by providing unique and personalized solutions to accommodate their area of business. We investigate every aspect and come up with workable customized solutions to expand their trade and make it successful. SmartWebCrafts is capable of creating something new by always thinking “out of the box” to come up with exceptional solutions, adding something valuable to make an existing website more appealing to its audience, and most importantly improving an existing platform by discovering its flaws and amending it for the better. This is our undying commitment to all our clients as we want to be part of your future growth.
We treat our clients as peers more than being our strategic partners. We see to it that your success is also our success. That’s why we provide practical services to help maintain your website’s functionality and build lasting relationships. Rest assured we will do whatever it takes to ensure that your business is continuously thriving.
We will not let you fail. That is our guarantee. That’s why we always aim for the best and leave a huge impact to our clients and their customers. We don’t settle for the mediocre results because our clients are worth more than that. We don’t mind facing any obstacles because we will ALWAYS find a way to make things work and spell out the kind of success you want to achieve.


  • "Hernan was amazing to work with. He was in constant communication with me throughout the project and finished it way before my deadline. He is very accommodating and a pleasure to work with. I have been using Elance and outsourcing work for years and I rarely come across this level of service."

    Blake E, Facebook Clone
  • "Mr. Calum Coburn hired my full time services for 3 years first, continuosly and this is what he has to say: "We have hired Hernan's services twice over the years and have been happy with the quality of work. He is conscientious and can be relied upon to work efficiently through the given tasks."

    Calum Coburn, The Negotiation Experts
  • "There are only three things I look for in a company that I partner with. 1) capability to perform tasks, 2) responsiveness and 3) professionalism. Hernan has been the best web developer I have had the opportunity to work with. He is super responsive and extremely professional."

    Tim Mitchum, PianoFool
  • "We developed a plugin that acted over/with a commercial wp plugin: WP-ECOMMERCE for Leatherbeds.net and this is what Mr. Mike C has to say: "Excellent communication and prompt service."

    Mike C, Leatherbeds.net
  • "People at Smart Web Crafts are great to work with. A solid professional team."

    M Peloquin, MyTurf
  • "Once again Smart Web Crafts did an excellent job. Very fast and responsive. We will be using them again for future needs."

    Thomas W., Amazon-like drop down menu
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